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Post  Admin on Sun Jul 01, 2012 12:19 pm

Entry location:
2nd Windmill
OK first things first, this is the CHEAPEST MONEY CHEAT. the reason being it will only take 80G (if you already have a cow and(or) chicken.) You will also need to have already unlocked the second windmill-you know the one under your farm.

What you need (get these from Raul's store):
1. Fodder (70G)
2. Fertilizer (10G)

Are you wondering what you will do with these two ABSOLUTELY RANDOM items?! Your going to make grass seeds.
Yes, grass seeds. It's a good deal, each one sells for about FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS-a little more actually. (I think like 530G)

WARNING!!!! USING THIS CHEAT MAKES THE GAME REALLY BORING IF YOU KEEP USING IT REPEATEDLY!!! I recomend you use this cheat if your bankrupt or need a vacation from farming for a little while.


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