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Pet Cheats

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Pet Cheats

Post  Admin on Sun Jul 01, 2012 12:18 pm

Ok in this game, as you may have already noticed, you don't start out with pets (which I hate, you also need to FEED them every day =( and talk to them... how weird is that?). But what you DO get (which I LOVE) is a choice of breeds! Another things that is an UHHHHAMAZING FEATUREEEEE-the pets make it so you dont need to feed the sheep and chickens and cows-that is, if you train them well enough.

How to get cats:
You need to buy four chickens from Raul's brother at the bazaar. A week later you can buy either a white or black cat (from the same stand).

How to get dogs:
You need to buy four sheep/lambs or four cows/calfs. Similar to cats, a week later you get a choice of a husky (SO CUTE!) or a beagel (AHHHH CUTE!)

Are you wondering how to get a horse? Well that's the only free animal you DO get. You get it the second summer, and you get a choice of four colors, black brown white and red. And with a horse you unlock the race track.

Hope this helps with all your pet troubles!


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